Sunday, July 31, 2016

First letter

Elder Adams 2.0
Hello all! It's only been like 48 hours, but I'm totally different now! I'm all metal and terminator-esque. Just kidding. I'm the same but full of spirit and I know my way around the MTC now. Friday is P-day for me, so you can expect emails each week around this time.

Even if I'm still the same old Elder Adams, I'm actually part of a neat experiment here! I'm one of a couple districts that gets ipads/android tablets here in the MTC! Which is kinda crazy all things considered, but they're pretty nice. We were told that when President Monson was asked if he was really sure about giving us iPads, he said "God doesn't want to give the internet to Satan." That's a cool thing. Oh, and just as vaccines have been developed to combat previous plagues, hopefully the discipline that missionaries here will develop with technology will act as a vaccine against the plague that is pornography. They stress being on task and careful with the iPads, but I'm not too worried. My roommates and companion and I are all in the ipad group, and are getting used to using them for teaching and tracking progress pretty quickly. I think we get them out in the field too, but in the MTC was a surprise.

Speaking of roommates and companions, they're pretty cool. Elder Taylor is the district leader and is real good at singing. Elder Coburn is related to Jeff Coburn and had heard about me before I came out here! And my companion Elder Johnson is a cool dude. He's super tall and quiet, but when he talks he says important stuff. He also hardly eats anything, as opposed to me who eats a lot. He worked as a propane shophand too! That's so unique! The other Elders in my district are really funny. Elder Hardin was adopted from Ukraine, so he and his brother refer to themselves as their parents' store-bought kids.

Food's been pretty decent! Although maybe I just have the scout camp thing of being so hungry that I don't totally care. Except last night's was interesting. I've never had anything that could be described as mystery meat before, but that was pretty close :I 

I've run into a lot of people I know! It's so crazy! Elders Wheatley and Vance are the only elders I've seen, but I've seen a bunch of sisters I knew at college, including Sister Christiansen from my FHE group down at BYU.

Plenty of spiritual stuff has happened too! Yesterday we taught a roleplay lesson to a fake investigator, but it went pretty well since we took it seriously. It was mostly just about prayer, but when she prayed at the end I felt God's love for who we were teaching in a way, even if she was just fictional. Or what He would feel if she was real? Something like that. Anyway, it was cool! I'm excited to do more teaching!

I wouldn't say that I'm taking to this like a fish to water, but it's been pretty good. I'm not having a super rough time or anything. I bet it's everyone's prayers for the missionaries and for me, so thank you for your support! I'll keep working hard!

I'll leave you all with a joke that Elder Rasmussen would like:
How do you think the unthinkable?

With an ithberg!

Say it out loud, it's even funnier that way.

Anyway, I can see your emails any time during the week, I can just only respond today, so feel free to send them whenever you'd like!

-Elder Adams