Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Hey all!

Elder Puyogao is great! We've been finding like crazy this week! Seriously, it's been incredible. He might be going home soon, but he's determined to do the most he possibly can while he's here.

Almost everyone we've taught is black too. What a coincidence. There's this super cool young family we found, the Thompsons. Their kids are so funny. One is nine, one is four, and one is three months old. They couldn't come to church this week because of a prior commitment, but hey! Never a better day to come to church than on Christmas!

Pretty sure we still have to work on Christmas. There's only so much harassing members that we want to do, y'know? But it's cool. At least I get to skype home! That's real swell.

This morning we went on a hike with one of our investigators. He's hilarious. He teaches spanish at the college here and was kinda drunk when we met him, but he invited us to go hiking with him?? So we said yeah and had a cool hike and gospel discussion while doing so! It was a good start to the day.

This coming week we get to go to the temple! It's gonna be so cool. I miss being able to go to the temple.

Christmas is coming! We've got our apartment all decked out with... A tinfoil star. At least it's traditional! We actually have a lot of Christmas lights, too.

Hope all of you have a merry Christmas!
Elder Adams


Transfers are happening!

Elder Egbers is leaving, but we already knew that for a couple weeks. Every companionship in the zone is getting shuffled somehow. I'm staying here in somerset and getting Elder Puyogao! He trained my trainer, and this is his last transfer! So this will certainly be an interesting transfer.

Another elder in our apartment complex had to go home, so after driving him up to Bakersfield we've been in a tripan with his companion. It's too many people! I feel like I'm in a mob at doors! But driving up to Bakersfield was scary as heck! I drove a route I'd never driven myself, at night, in the rain and fog. California drivers and roads are NOT meant for rain. Ick.

Otherwise, it's been another slow week. We've been doing what we can, though. Lots of service! Tons and tons of service. It feels good to be able to help others at Christmastime.

Thank you for supporting us!
Elder Adams


Thursday, December 8, 2016

Slow week