Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Elder Bednar!

Hey everybody!

So this week was another slow week for us because we had lots of other things going on, BUT! We got to hear inspired counsel from a prophet, seer, and revelator, Elder Bednar of the quorum of the twelve! Seriously he was so cool. I may someday forget what he said, but I will never forget how he taught and how I felt. He mostly just asked us questions and let us ask questions, which sometimes he would answer with more questions. It was an awesome experience, and I hope to be able to teach even a little bit like him.

He also told us that iPads don't matter. Pssh.

Otherwise, Elder Egbers was sick so we didn't get to do too much this week. Pretty sure I'm just cursed, because every companion I have gets sick. But hey, I'm already used to it.

Patty brought a friend to church! A friend we'd taught before, actually! And who watched general conference! Which means she's been to church twice! So I guess we do actually have an investigator who is doing well! Thank goodness she actually lives in our area.

Have a great week!

Elder Adams

Oh yeah forgot some stuff.

So the Lancaster elders are getting scattered as chaff before the wind, I mean emergency transferred to replace some other elders. So now Elder Egbers is a relief society president. And I'm just kinda... here.
(what Hayden means is that his companion is the district leader and now the two of them are the only elders in the district.  The rest are sister missionaries.)

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Short email!

Sorry it's been a slow week so I don't have much to say!

I will say though, that I learned something cool about miracles this week. When we're giving it all we can and get discouraged, get tired, don't want to keep going- we need to keep going. When we do that in faith, God will start opening doors we didn't know were there. Miracles will start happening. Even if they're small miracles.

We did have some fun exchanges this week though! Elder Jones and I went to a italian ice place on main street and a guy there was telling us about how you can see angels and demons on youtube. like okay dude. We also met a guy who was like "hey check out these scriptures, don't they seem contrary to what you guys focus on?" He just didn't understand them, but I realized that even if I didn't understand them too, I still wouldn't be shaken because my testimony is based on a couple things, including that this church is the true church, has been for the entire time it has been on earth, and will continue to be forever. Which is nice to know.

Thanks for supporting your local and faraway missionaries!

Elder Adams

Sommerset and a Baptism

I could just leave it at that really. Yeah, Elder Egburs and I are staying in Somerset this transfer! I'm glad, I really like the ward here. We might switch up our boundaries a little bit with the sisters though.

It rained twice this week, which was super neat.

Patty got baptized! It was so incredible and spiritual. She practically jumped out of the water, she was so excited. There were a ton of members from the ward there too, it was so cool. She said afterwards that she understood why things kept happening that made it take longer to get baptized- God wanted to make sure she really knew. It was so great. Patty has seriously changed my mission so much, it was so good to see someone who is so excited to learn. She was so sad that we'd have to stop visiting, I told her that we still had to do the recent convert lessons and she can feed the missionaries whenever!

Otherwise this week has been pretty slow. Not much teaching or finding new people. It's okay though. We're working on it, and had a lot going on. On the bright side, ya'll get pictures this week!

(the first three photos he sent were of random crap he'd found in their apartment, so I didn't  put those up--Tonya)

Okay, so here are more pictures! Most of the district (my timer wasn't on), the somerset sisters, us, and Patty. AND the best invention ever. We found these little round lights that light up for 15 seconds when you touch them, so they're jaredite lights.