Monday, June 12, 2017

Surely He Hath Borne Our Griefs

Hey everyone!

It's so weird to be in a new apartment. I'm not used to having different stuff yet, or being in a different place. Bakersfield doesn't have a grid system, how does anyone know where they live?? Also our area is really flat and dense with development, so seeing anything but city doesn't seem to happen, haha.

Olive knolls is a swell place though! It's real wealthy, but the people are pretty polite. Also the members of our church are really cool. We get fed a lot and they come out with us half the nights in a week, even if we don't have lessons set up.

We don't have a lot of investigators right now, but there are some part member families that are good potentials and lots of people who past missionaries just seem to have lost track of. It'll take a lot of prayer and work, but this place is gonna be hopping!

Not much to say about individual days this week. They're all pretty much the same, haha. That's alright though, it's good to get in a little bit of a routine so I can get a feel for how to get around. We're still on bike, after all :P

A lot of what we've been doing is working with less-active families. Several times this week I've gotten to be with and teach families who have had loved ones pass on recently. I don't have much experience with that, so I worried what I would say. But the words came, and I learned something important. I don't understand, but the Savior does. I've felt His love, and know that kind of feeling can't be from someone who doesn't understand. As the scriptures say, He truly has "borne our griefs and carried our sorrows." He knows us, and mourns with us. He rejoices with us and shares our burdens. I know that Christ lives and loves us with an undimmable love, even when we stray.

Thanks for everything!
Elder Adams

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